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Mick gatto boxing

For a bloke who is charming, friendly and a natural people person, Mick Gatto certainly has more than his fair share of enemies. Mick Gatto Credit: Graham Tidy.

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He is banned from the casino and racetracks, can no longer act as a boxing promoter and appears at public commissions and secret law enforcement hearings so regularly he should get valet parking. If the stories suggesting there are a number of contracts out on his life are true, he is doing an appalling job of keeping his head down. Firstly, with the weather on the improve, Mick prefers al fresco dining in the Italian quarter of Lygon Street or the top end of Collins Street.

Which would make him a sitting duck while eating a roasted one. Secondly, he usually parks his super-shiny Rolls Royce Ghost nearby, where it attracts admiring glances but few parking tickets. And thirdly, his dining companions could double as Sopranos extras, with most having neck measurements similar to mature brown bears. Indeed Mick Gatto is so into fine dining he would make a first-class Fairfax food critic if he would accept the pay cut.

Warning: Any chef stupid enough to serve him raw fish could end up sleeping with one. Three-times world champion Anthony Mundine with Mick Gatto. Credit: Paul Jeffers. Mick, always the businessman, once considered writing his own cookbook with the working title Killing Them in the Kitchen.

While Gatto admits to a criminal past, he says he is now a businessman and man of peace. However his reputation would suggest the last time he turned the other cheek it was a slow-cooked beef one served with a red wine and rosemary jus.

Credit: Dallas Kilponen. It is virtually impossible to separate the myth from reality when it comes to Gatto. The question remains: is he a malicious mobster or maligned mediator?

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For decades he was well known in the world of illegal gambling but virtually anonymous to the wider community. Mick Gatto appears at a press conferencein Melbourne in Credit: Patrick Scala. That all changed during Melbourne's so-called Underbelly gangland war, when drug dealer Carl Williams organised the murder of many of Gatto's associates.

Williams started the underworld extermination program after he was shot in the guts by Jason and Mark Moran, who were part of Gatto's wider social circle.

Boxing's Official Record Keeper

Gatto made it clear he didn't want to get involved. That is until he ended up having a private chat with one of Williams' hitmen, Andrew "Benji" Veniamin, in the corridor of a Carlton restaurant.

mick gatto boxing

It was Marchand Benji ended up shot dead with Gatto, not for the first time, emerging having resolved a conflict in his favour. With no eyewitnesses, Gatto was acquitted 14 months later in the Supreme Court on the grounds of self-defence. When he was released Gatto may have planned to slip back into semi-anonymity but that was never a realistic option. The situation highlighted Gatto's natural skill for turning a disadvantage his or someone else's into a win.

Unable to stay in the shadows, he used the spotlight to build a brand. He found himself a celebrity agent, wrote a book, organised mega-size charity functions and became a boxing promoter. He is one of the few people who can appear in a newspaper on the front page royal commissionbusiness page industrial disputecelebrity spread charity functionand sport boxing in the one edition. And if a gangster dies you will find his name in the obituary pages as he always files a death notice. When he was banned from the casino, he considered sending then Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon a diamond ring as a thank you because "she saved me a fortune".

There are always elderly gentlemen who take much younger ladies presumably visiting nieces to such functions. They have much in common — the men have deep pockets and the ladies deep cleavages.

Mick Gatto basking in Anthony Mundine's glory

They have a shared interest in silicone: the ladies for breast enhancement and the gentlemen to keep their false teeth in place. And many of both genders wear their hearts on their sleeves — although most have been inked at Toby Mitchell's South Melbourne tattoo parlour. When Gatto arrives he is kissed by more men than Liberace and stopped for selfies and autographs. As he once said — he always agrees — "because you never know who will be on a jury".Two months before he died, Justin Gatto said he felt alive again.

In August, Gatto spoke openly with Stuff about his experience of mental illness while receiving treatment for methamphetamine addiction on the Indonesian island of Bali.

mick gatto boxing

His father is Mick Gatto, one of the few survivors of Melbourne's gangland killings. Shortly after midnight on October 30 — three days after his 34th birthday — Justin Gatto was found lying dead on a footpath near an apartment building in the city's central business district. He apparently fell from a balcony.

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Police had deemed his death "not suspicious" and were preparing a report for the coroner. No other circumstances of his death have been reported. Gatto had been a client at Sivana Bali, a bed addiction treatment centre founded in by New Zealander Nev Doidge, earlier this year. He agreed to share his story, be photographed and identified, as part of a reporting project on drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers in southeast Asia, to be published by Stuff later this month.

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Gatto had been struggling with addiction since the age of 21; he had "a highly addictive personality", he said.

He had been using methamphetamine for a decade. It was Gatto's second time receiving treatment at Sivana in a year. He had previously attended three rehabs in Australia. He said while friends who were recovering addicts had found the Australian programmes effective, he felt he had to leave the country because he wouldn't know anyone who sold drugs. A friend who had completed three months of treatment at Sivana had recommended the centre to him, having returned to Australia "a changed man".

I congratulated him and I wanted what he had," Gatto said. However, Gatto discharged himself from Sivana a month early, in order to join his family who were holidaying on the island. If you don't Gatto said he resumed using drugs — though infrequently — after that first stint at Sivana. He did not "run a programme" — attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings, or continue working through the 12 Steps.

He decided to return to Sivana almost a year later, telling Stuff : "This time, the penny's dropped. Gatto was vehement in his opposition to methamphetamine — known in Australia as "ice" — calling the drug and its effects "disgusting". He was also emphatic about its addictive nature, reeling off a list of personal qualities he said it robbed him of.

Gatto said his addiction had resulted in drug-induced schizophrenia.

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Justin recounted an experience when he "went berserk" in a psychiatric ward in front of his parents, hospital staff, bouncers and police. He said this was the "biggest battle" he had to overcome. Gatto enthused about Sivana's holistic treatment programme, attractive setting, and dedicated staff. He was "not a fan" of the programme's yoga sessions. Gatto spoke to Stuff the day before he was discharged from 60 days of treatment at Sivana. At the time he was interviewed, he said he hadn't had "drugs in his system" in almost three months.The trio were shot at the Melbourne Pavilion in Kensington on Friday night, with police describing it as a targeted attack.

The two surviving victims are currently in hospital - one of them fighting for his life. Underworld figure Mick Gatto, ex-Bandidos bikie Toby Mitchell as well as members of the Haddara family were among those at the match, according to The Age.

Mr Gatto briefly attended the scene on Saturday morning before driving away in a Mini Cooper with associates. Police have cordoned off the area on Stubbs Street, which is a semi-industrial area. The fatal shooting occurred outside the building, with a number of cars also being sprayed by bullets. One of the non-fatal shootings occurred inside the venue's foyer. He said there was chaos inside the venue when the shots were fired, with patrons jostling to get away from the fight.

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Chevron Down Icon Back to top.There is a line of flash cars parked outside Italian restaurant Villa Romana as Gatto busily hosts a press conference-cum-party to celebrate the victory. Credit: Anu Kumar. He greets new arrivals from the head of a long, white table - set for more than 30 - in dark shades, a V-neck T-shirt, with tattooed scrawl dribbling down from under a sleeve. So far, three elderly men in pin-striped suits and top-hats are the only guests seated at the table - they are interstate sponsors in Melbourne to see the fight - but a steady stream of heavily built, tattooed friends soon begins to flow.

Gatto cheerily puffs on his cigar through brilliantly white teeth, pulls up chairs for journalists and waves to passing drivers who toot their horn at the beaming figure. But Gatto is his happiest when "The Man" emerges.

Bruised and donning a black jumper, the fighter embraces Gatto, before sitting down on a chair to address the press from the centre of the table.

He quickly launches into a monologue, telling of a former rugby league player who, despite the doubts of the sporting world and even his own father, became a "champion" fighter - the man responsible for "bringing boxing back" to Australia. And I knew that I was going to win last night.

I knew I had the ability to win … I told you before the fight, my head is there, this boy can't beat me. The tough-talking boxer says he thinks the judges were unfair to him on the night, and that he had won the fight by the eighth round. By the end of the eighth, one judge had Rabchenko ahead, one a draw and the other scored Mundine in front.

Mundine won the the fight with an impressive two rounds to a roaring home crowd. Though he couldn't land a knockout blow, he did enough to get the win. One judge scored Rabchenko the winnerwith the other two giving Mundine the fight and Mundine concedes Mayweather may think he still has more work to do before they meet in the ring, but lists the heir to the boxing throne, Saul Alvarez or Miguel Cotto, as possible contenders.

But Gatto, sitting to Mundine's left, is quick to jump in, claiming a Mundine-Mayweather showdown at the MCG would easily pull acrowd. He then calls for "three cheers" for the boxer, drawing a timid response from the press.

When the cameras aren't rolling, Gatto confides that he was "surprised" by the fighter's efforts on Wednesday night. After all, Rabchenko boasts an "imposing record". But Mundine is motivated by the underdog status, Gatto says. Gatto surrendered his promoter's license under legislation introduced by Premier Denis Napthine's last year, which requires a promoter to prove they are a fit and proper person, in order to obtain a licence.

Mick Gatto basking in Anthony Mundine's glory. The Sydney Morning Herald.He has been granted a boxing promoter's licence by the State Government's Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board - which is chaired by barrister Bernie Balmer who has previously acted for him in court. Balmer, who said he had handled three cases for Gatto but no longer represented him, abstained from voting when the application was unanimously approved by four other members of the board on Tuesday.

He said new promoters were normally on probation for "the first two or three" events they ran, and Gatto would be no exception. The colourful world of Mick Gatto. He said it had been "not necessary" to refer Gatto's application to Minister for Sport Hugh Delahunty, to whom the board reports.

The pair clashed at a heavyweight double bill last month when Gatto was introduced from the ring as the promoter and made a long speech about his plans.

Gatto said last night he intended to stage his first promotion, concentrating on heavyweight boxers, in November, but had abandoned plans to recruit ageing former world champion Evander Holyfield. In an interview last month he said: "I think I am as fit and proper a person as anyone. I was charged with murder and acquitted on self-defence, but the stigma still lies around.

He pointed to controversial American promoter Don King, who killed two men and served a jail term after a charge of second-degree murder was reduced to manslaughter, saying: " The fight is being promoted by Tomlinson's Sydney-based manager, Fidel Tukel, who, like Gatto, is often described as an "underworld figure".

He is said to have close links with motorbike gangs and during the football off-season he was photographed partying with Melbourne footballers Colin Sylvia, Brent Moloney and Luke Tapscott in Las Vegas.

Personalise your weather. Sorry we couldn't find a match for that, please try again. Change my location. My Account Logout. Ron ReedHeraldSun. Sign me up Signed Up View more Newsletters. X No thanks, continue reading article.Domenic " Mick " Gatto born 6 August is an Australian businessman who is widely suspected of being involved in the Melbourne underworld. Gatto is a professional mediator within the Victorian building industry; and a debt collector.

Gatto was named as a standover man during the Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry. The son of two Italian immigrants from CalabriaGatto was raised in Melbourne and commenced working in the fruit and vegetable industry.

mick gatto boxing

In Gatto was charged with the murder of Andrew Veniamina suspected underworld hitman. Gatto was remanded in custody for 18 months. He was found not guilty at trial, during which Gatto claimed he had acted in self-defence [5] after Veniamin pulled out a.

Gatto claimed that during a struggle he was able to turn the gun around on Veniamin and fire one shot into his neck, and one shot in the eye. He also claimed that during the argument, Veniamin had implicated himself in the deaths of Dino DibraPaul Kallipolitis and Graham Kinniburgh. At the time of charging Vince Benvenuto with the murder of Victor Peirceit was alleged that Gatto had links to both men and to Faruk Orman, [7] the man later convicted of Pierce's murder.

No charges were laid against Gatto. In proceedings before the Cole Royal Commissionit was heard that Gatto was involved in resolving certain business disputes. Witnesses attested that Gatto and his business associate, David "the Rock" Hedgcock, had been involved in solving industrial relations problems in the construction industry.

One witness, a representative of Baulderstone Hornibrook expressed the fears of a colleague stating, " Appearing before the Royal Commission inGatto claimed he was being made a scapegoat by the inquiry and strenuously denied he was a standover man.

I'm not a man off ill repute. Fair enough I've got a chequered past I don't appreciate this nonsense that you are looking for someone to blame to justify your existence here today. You won't be justifying your existence with me. I promise you. I will fight you all the way, tooth and nail. Within 24 hours a response was received by one of Gatto's associates.

InGatto was charged with possession of an unregistered firearm and of possession of a firearm and ammunition without a licence.Gatto, 57, is an arbitrator, former boxer and crane company boss. His crane company is being investigated by the Australian Tax Office. But Gatto added string to his bow last week: licensed boxing promoter. Boxing teaches you respect. What do you remember most about your time as a boxer?

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The last fights were for a comeback and I never gave it a go the way I should have. If anyone boxes, they need to put their heart and soul into it, otherwise you end up getting hurt. You are feared and revered in this town.

mick gatto boxing

What's that like? I'm only feared and revered by people who read nonsense in the papers. Once people get to know me, they realise I'm a big teddy bear, I'm easy going, and I treat people the way they treat me.

If you treat me with respect, you get the same. How do you think you're perceived out there? People who know me love me.

People who don't know me perceive me with fear. They're a bit wary. Once they sit down and get to know me, they change their attitude very quickly. Why did you buy a Rolls Royce Ghost? I never thought there was a better car than a Mercedes, but I tried a Roller and it won me over. It has a infra-red function and picks up body heat. It's a magnificent drive.

It's like being in an aeroplane. They glide along. Why would you need an infra-red function? It's handy. When I'm coming home late at night, I live in a bushy part of Melbourne. Anyone hiding behind a tree at least I can see them. You're forewarned, you're forearmed.

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